How to Get Sh*t Done When You Work From Home

We all know how difficult it can be to stay on task when you're working from home or even in a coffee shop with the temptations of Netflix and everything else that is more entertaining than working ;) 

We've become masters of staying on task, getting our work done and still having a personal life when 5pm rolls around. Check out these helpful tips so you can do the same! 

Tip #1: 

It sounds silly, but it's the best advice I can give you... 


Treating yo'self is great, but make sure you get your work done first. For example, tell yourself you have to finish editing the entire reception before you can get another cup of coffee (works for me every time.) Or tell yourself you can't take a break and watch an episode of The Office until your inbox is empty. 

Tip #2: 


Lists are fun. They're even more fun when you get the satisfaction of crossing things off. Write down all the tasks you have for the day so you're more motivated to keep things moving. 

Tip #3: 


This one really works for me. If I'm working from home instead of a coffee shop for the day, I always make myself get dressed. Getting dressed and even putting on a little makeup helps me get out of bed and gives me the motivation to get ishhhhh done! In addition, work at the kitchen table or at your desk. Make sure you work anywhere from bed (I know we've all fallen asleep mid-editing session...) 

Tip #4: 


Hey, you have to have a personal life too! It's crazy important to have actual office hours and only work during those hours. Don't you want to enjoy time with your spouse or partner instead of answering emails at 9:00pm? You should! 

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3 Ways the Instagram Algorithm has Actually Helped our Businesses

I keep seeing fellow photographers publicly complain about the “dreaded Instagram algorithm”. “No one is seeing my posts… My engagement is way down… Instagram should go back to the way it was…" 'We have to remember: Instagram is a business and their priority is not to make small business owners happy and profitable. Instead, it wants people using the app and staying on it as long as possible. To achieve this, Instagram constructs its users’ feeds based on relevancy, not the time the post was published.

SO, all that being said, we as photographers hoping to use Instagram to grow their business have two choices: complain or adapt. Complaining won’t get us anywhere, so let’s be problem-solvers, shall we?! Believe it or not, the algorithm can actually work to our benefit.  And we’re going to tell you 3 specific ways the Instagram algorithm has done just that in our own businesses. AND do so using punchy alliterations because they’re great.

3 ways the algorithm has helped

1. Hashtags that Help

Yes, hashtags may not look the best from a visual standpoint, but boy oh boy, are they helpful! We have each booked weddings simply because clients have Insta-searched “#mdweddingphotographer” or something of the sort. Be intentional about the hashtags you are using. Make them specific. Make them attract prospective clients, not just fellow photographers. Also, be sure to change up your hashtags every once in a while.  Stop the “copy and paste” game. Instagram may flag your posts as “spam” if your text is static. If you continuously use the same hashtags, Instagram won’t allow your photos show up on as many feeds. This is an engagement ball buster. Change it up and make it specific to your post.

2. Create Connection

Instagram should really serve more of a purpose than just a portfolio for your favorite images. Followers (ahem, people) should be seeing you as a person, not just a business. Your number of followers shouldn’t be the end goal, but should instead, play into a bigger plan, potentially including more bookings and developing relationships. Before they trust you, potential clients need to know you. Creating a personal connection beyond what you do gives people a reason to “follow” you even if they aren’t currently needing your specific, professional services. Spend time encouraging those you follow and those who follow you. Comment back! And spend some time going to your follower’s pages and sharing the love.  Instead of aimlessly scrolling, use that time to throw love around like confetti. And bonus, your engagement will increase.

3. Post with Purpose

Your Instagram feed should tell a story, both through quality images and intriguing captions. Yes, your captions do matter. Gone are the days of typing some random song lyrics to accompany your photos and hoping your photo does the talking. Your captions should tell stories and encourage engagement. Also, quality over quantity is the name of the game. Don’t just post to post. Each posted photo should serve a purpose whether that be directing followers to a blog post, encouraging community, creating connection, and so forth. The algorithm works so when you post a photo and it initially does well, Instagram will put it on more of your followers’ home pages. So make it count!

Do we call ourselves Instagram Algorithm Experts? (Whoa, try saying that 10 times fast). No way.
But have we learned just enough to grow an engaged following and be more profitable? Yeppers! 

Let's sum up. 

  • The Algorithm doesn't have to be your enemy. Since it's still a little mysterious, how about we call her our frenemy. 
  • Part of being a successful business owner is adapting to change. 
  • "'Just do it' -Nike' - Michael Scott" 

p.s. All this and way more to be covered in-depth at The Meraki Workshop. See you there? I hope so! 

3 ways the algorithm has helped